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Heritage Restoration

As our name implies, we specialize in heritage masonry, and we are passionate about it. Heritage buildings have architectural and cultural significance. Time and efforts go into preserving these structures for future generations to witness their grandeur and history. We only utilize appropriate restoration techniques to restore heritage structures back to their former glory.

A History of Quality Restorations

Whatever the size of the project, our approach to material selection and methodology of fix is of the highest value. We aim to match or exceed the standards and guidelines laid out in the Conservation of Historic Places of Canada.

We have successfully completed numerous projects, large and small, as consultants, prime contractors and sub-contractor installers. Primarily, amongst these are restorations of Fort Rodd Hill, Christ Church Cathedral & School, 120 Douglas School and Morden Mine Colliery.


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Morden Colliery

Heritage Masonry, as the prime contractor, completed the conservation and structural rehabilitation of Canada’s last remaining concrete coal mine headframe and tipple.
45 Bastion Square

45 Bastion Square

Lovingly rehabilitated by its current owner over the last decade, the final piece of this work was to re-instate the brick parapets that were original and removed in the 60’s as they were allowing water into the building.
Amphion Street

Amphion St

The owners of this heritage ‘Craftsmen’ style home built in 1913 called us when brick started coming away from the original chimney. The style of build using ‘clinker brick’ as a feature is something we were adamant about keeping.