45 Bastion Square

Heritage Brick Parapet Restoration

July 2021

The law chambers building is an ‘Edwardian’ era, pressed-brick building built in 1901 by the renowned architect Francis Rattenbury*. Lovingly rehabilitated by its current owner over the last decade, the final piece of this work was to re-instate the brick parapets that were original and removed in the 60’s as they were allowing water into the building. Testament to the original design is the difference the parapets make to the overall feel of the structure.

We are grateful to be able to work on these significant buildings and thankful to owners who share our respect for built heritage.

Interesting Fact

The mortar joints for the parapet restoration were matched to the originals in both colour and tooling, based on samples from the rest of the building. The mortar mix was made in-house, choosing the best match from nearly a dozen carefully measured test mixes. The raised bead jointing tools were painstakingly bent and filed by hand to exactly match the size and shape of the original joint treatment.

Heritage Masonry brought a depth of experience along with care and attention to detail that would rival the original installations. I would highly recommend Heritage Masonry for your heritage project.

Ian - Artificer Development

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