Amphion Street

Heritage Fireplace & Chimney Rebuild

June 2019


Heritage and Clinker Bricks

The owners of this heritage ‘Craftsmen’ style home, built in 1913 called us when brick started coming away from the original chimney. The style of build using ‘clinker brick’ as a feature is something we were determined about keeping. We had two chimneys and a fireplace to re-build which required a sizeable amount of brick. We brought in a shipping container of new ‘Heritage’ brick from Europe which were the right size and type, and approved by the Victoria Heritage Foundation. We decided that this job would be a great opportunity to use ‘hot lime mix’ for our mortar; so, for the duration of the project, we slaked lime and laid brick in this traditional practice.

Heritage Masonry provided careful and detailed-oriented work from their initial estimate through to the final completion of our masonry projects. The onsite crew was respectful of the property and of our family's needs, and they were invariably on time and hardworking. All questions and concerns were addressed swiftly. It was an enormous relief to know that our project was in such good hands, and we are delighted with the results. We could not have asked for better work.

Heidi, Homeowner