Building Dry Stone wall

Dry Stone Wall - Heritage Masons Victoria BC


“If you are contemplating building a free standing or retaining stone wall in your garden, consider a dry stone wall.”

Benefits of Dry Stone!

  • Durable: should last at least 100 years without requiring extensive repairs
  • Environmental: no cement or mortar
  • Sustainable: uses natural quarried stone
  • Windbreaks: can provide much need respite from windy conditions
  • Flexible: Moves rather than breaks in response to outside stresses
  • Drains water effectively, preventing build-up of hydrostatic pressure, the force that pushes over mortared walls
  • Doesn’t require concrete footings or slabs or block wall backing
  • Weathers better and lasts longer
  • Easier to repair and reuse the stone
  • Requires no waterproofing
  • Looks more natural in the landscape
  • Stable and Durable: We use carefully selected interlocking stones instead of mortar


If you are contemplating building a freestanding or retaining stone wall in your garden, consider a dry stone wall.

Dry stone is often a better alternative to a mortared wall. When done correctly, it will last hundreds of years. That’s because it won’t crack like a mortared wall will over time. It can move and shift with the earth, tree roots and even earthquakes.

Dry stone is an eco-friendly way to build a wall. We don’t need to put in extra drainage because water can pass right through making it a haven for wildlife and vegetation. The walls become a sanctuary for mice, voles, birds, slow worms, toads, newts, insects, mosses and lichens.

When we take on your dry stone wall project, we will use the traditional methods of using on site materials. if that isn’t possible we will locate the nearest source of appropriate materials. We’ll complete your project quickly and efficiently any time of the year. We can easily prepare and level almost any surface using gravel or road base or the earth itself. Since we’re not mixing cement, we can work in any weather. And we do.

It is an ancient practice requiring a high level of specialized skills. Several masons on our team learned the traditional style craft in the hills of Lake District in Northern England where dry stone has been practiced since the Iron Age. We have the skill to deliver a dry stone wall that will blend into its landscape and look like it’s been there forever.